Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just resting. A vent for psychiatrists that don't listen. I know Chiari is in our heads, but its not a mental disorder, it is a physical problem for which there is a treatment but no known cure. Thats why the pharmacuetical companies want nothing to do with us! Dang Earl!

Our pain isn't their pain, and it just doesn't "go away" I wish it did.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I feel blessed today.

Back to AZ, weather is kinda warm. Heck, its HOT!
Oh well, I am enjoying it. I am so glad I still have my flying benefits. I stayed with Julie for five days, very thankful for that!
Visited with Matt at the bank where he is assistant manager at WAMU downtown Seattle. I usually get lost, but this this time? I found the parking right away! Plus they validated for two hours, guess I could do my Christmas shopping downtown, eh?

My PM doc is wonderful. I told him I was having peaks and valleys in the pain department, and he upped my break-through pain meds. Doubled the amount. Crap insurance.
Dennis, my husband doesn't know if he will be home for Thanksgiving, which is also our wedding anniversary this year. And the day after is Dennis Daniel and Britts renewal of vows and Baby Lou's christening. I hope and pray he makes it back!

I go to Eugene for Cousin Alice' birthday party on the 11NOV. Flights look wide open. The cousins from Sunnyside WA are going to meet me there, and pick me up. Uncle Burt and Gwen are going to be there too.
I look forward to it.