Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby girl! Louisa !


we are trying to have September named as Chiari and Syringmyelia month. We hope to have it done by the Conquer Chiari Walk across America on September 20th.

Also, I cannot get my topomax, the insurance company is saying 'no' to it. Blah to them!

I got the pharmacy working on it, and the doctor's office working on it, and I am working on it.


By His Grace said...

Hey there, galfriend! I checked and see you have doing some updating! Finally! Good to see the trip report, bet the long trip wiped you out, but as you say, it's good to get answers. Glad to hear the fusion and PFD were all good.

Just wanted to say hi!
love ya!

Dan and Tina said...

That's too bad about the insurance co not covering you med....

Insurance companies stink!

Hope you get that taken care of.

Take care,

kathymichelle said...

The insurance company did end up paying for the topamax, so all's well that kinda ends well..