Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby girl! Louisa !


we are trying to have September named as Chiari and Syringmyelia month. We hope to have it done by the Conquer Chiari Walk across America on September 20th.

Also, I cannot get my topomax, the insurance company is saying 'no' to it. Blah to them!

I got the pharmacy working on it, and the doctor's office working on it, and I am working on it.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


It's Saturday the 2nd of August, yesterday I spent the morning at Manhasset Diagnostic Imaging, MRI'd from top to bottom.
It was kinda cool, when I checked out, with the payment/insurance window, the lady says "insurance?" and I say "Medicare" and the insurance lady says "have a nice day" WHOO HOO! I have never ever had it that EASY!

So we have a quick break and head to down town Great Neck and find Bruce's(which btw is a great place to eat) we order a bowl of lentil soup, and of course you get the plate of rolls, and a plate of goodies, like frosted brownies, and other assorted goodies! They also give you a bowl of coleslaw which is pretty dang tasty!

So we leave Bruce's and head to TCI. I am assigned a new nurse, Jungut(sp) nice nurse, but kind of hard to understand. I am taken back at 100PM and I am there for over an hour with questions.

Then I meet Dr Shelat, he is a very nice doc. He says the fusion is good, the chiari is good(well as good as it can be) then discusses the bottom end. That not so good. I have occult tight filum, and he proceeds to do the physical tests on me.

Then I try the heel/toe walking. That was semi-ok. Then I do the one foot in front of the other, which I CANNOT do. Well, I can, but not well. My balance is shot! I finally bent my knees, and tried to walk the line that way. I got a little further.

All in all, a good visit. I went for answers and you always get answers at TCI.

So we are off to NY city for the night then to Newark to fly back to Seattle.

Oh and I have some new prescriptions for the Pronex neck stretcher, the new improved neck brace. Also he thinks I should try topomax for my headaches.

That's it for now.