Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010

November! I cannot believe it's November already! I'm in Physical Therapy and I'm getting better every day. I'm so glad the hardware is out of my head. It goes to show that the hardware and the fusion from my skull to C-4 was oh so wrong for me.

I haven't had a CM headache - I am getting range back and I love my Neurosurgeon - and I love my physical therapist, Karol at Novelty Hill Physical Therapy.
Now to get my health back to where I was in 2006 - where I should of been IF I just had the Posterior Fossa Decompression. There is some emotional issues and anger - I didn't have the chance nor the decision making process to decide about the extraction fusion. That still makes me angry - how am I to ever know if the PFD would've of ever worked now? There is a level of frustration - four years PLUS of pain and suffering = would I have returned to work? Four years of SSDI? Sleepless night? Anxiety and panic disorder? No more house - No more retirement benefit... so much loss and nothing to show for it. I'm back to less than square one because of THEM and they have EVERYTHING - and they convinced me that I NEEDED IT. AND PT and other medical professionals say I didn't have EDS - I don't believe any of them anymore.
Don't believe - question authority - and remember you cannot go back if you are cut upon.

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